New Pool Construction

New swimming pool

New construction process

1. **Design and Planning:**

Work with a pool designer or architect to create a blueprint of your pool, considering size, shape, depth, and features.

2. **Permits and Regulations:**

Obtain necessary permits from local authorities. Ensure your pool design complies with local regulations and safety standards.

3. **Excavation:**

The construction area is excavated to create the pool shape. Heavy machinery is used to dig the hole.

4. **Reinforcement:**

Steel bars (rebar) are placed in the excavated area to reinforce the structure of the pool. This provides strength and durability.

5. **Gunite or Shotcrete:**

The pool shell is created using either gunite or shotcrete, a mixture of cement, sand, and water. It is applied pneumatically to create a solid structure.

6. **Plumbing:**

Plumbing lines and electrical conduits are installed. This includes pipes for water circulation, filtration, and any additional features like waterfalls or lights.

7. **Tile and Coping:**

Tiles are laid on the pool walls and floor. Coping, usually made of stone or concrete, is installed around the pool's edge.

8. **Filtration and Pump System:**

Install a filtration system, including a pump, filter, and, if desired, a heater. These components keep the water clean and maintain a comfortable temperature.

9. **Decking:**

The area around the pool is paved or decked, providing space for lounging, chairs, and other outdoor activities.

10. **Electrical:**

Installing the power lines to the pool equipment area and connecting all necessary pumps, heaters, automation systems and salt cells.

11. **Screen Cage:**

Footer and screen cage will be built per engineered drawings.

12. **Pebble Tec:**

Install interior for pool and acid wash the following day. Start filling the pool

13. **Pool School:**

Teach you how to properly use your new pool equipment and automation system if needed.

12. **Landscaping:**

Landscape the surrounding area to enhance the pool's visual appeal and create a pleasant environment. (If included in contract)

14. **Regular Maintenance:**

Implement a routine maintenance schedule for cleaning, chemical balance, and equipment checks to keep the pool in good condition.

It's essential to hire experienced professionals who understand local regulations and can guide you through each step of the process.